My friend passed peacefully away…

Farewell! My friend.  You will be sorely missed by so many. I want to thank you for the treasured memory of your coming over to sit with me while I waited in panicked agony to hear how my son was when he suffered from great heartache. Your presence was gentle and loving and solid. ThankContinue reading “My friend passed peacefully away…”

The Metamorphosis of Moments of Time

With my friend lingering on the fine line between time and eternity, I find myself, as many others are doing, wondering how I might live my life with more meaning, more LIFE. I have watched from the side lines the poignancy between the members of her heartbroken family….  Heads gently together, whispering words of encouragementContinue reading “The Metamorphosis of Moments of Time”

A Letter to My Dying Friend

Dear one, I met you about 5 years ago.  I learned that you were seriously into horses and had some very funny friends.  You liked to sing and you were carefree.  When I met you, you had just come out of your son’s illness and things were still challenging.  Before he got sick, you sufferedContinue reading “A Letter to My Dying Friend”